Natural Balance Tillman Norman
Tillman Norman Rose Sully


imageNorman is the latest member of Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance® Pet Foods team of Canine Sports Dogs.


Date of Birth: July 14th, 2009
Place of Birth: Vancouver, Washington
Breed: French herding dog
Weight: 70 pounds
Color markings: Tawny in color, measures 26" at the withers
Favorite toy: Scooter
Favorite food: Natural Balance® Synergy Ultra Formula!


Norman was discovered by Natural Balance after his appearance on “Late Show with David Letterman” where he showed off his scooter riding talents, during the ‘Stupid Pet Trick’ Segment.

His performance was instantly a hit and since then, he has appeared on “Good Morning America”, “Inside Edition”, “TMZ”, “Dogs 101”, over 40 different local news stations, and featured in newspapers and magazines.

Norman is naturally curious. He loves hanging out with his family and wants to do everything with them! When he saw them riding scooters, he wanted to try and soon found that it was something he could do also.

Norman competes in Agility, Herding and Obedience competitions. He received his Companion Dog Title in Obedience when he was only 15 months old.

Norman loves performing in large, open areas with a lot of spectators.

Norman also enjoys surfing almost as much as he loves riding his scooter.

Norman loves to learn new tricks. There have been no tricks or skills that have stopped him yet. Norman can perform the following behaviors on command:  sit, stand down, stay, come, stand on hind legs, jump on hind legs, go to a mark on floor, limp with front foot held up, mark like a boy, crawl, walk around an object or furniture, retrieve objects, put ears back like he is scared, wag his tail, put objects on table, front paws up on furniture, lower head, cover nose in shame, pull cart or sulky, know right and left, prance lifting front legs high, touch objects with nose, nudge objects with nose, touch objects with foot, play dead, rollover, retrieve objects, dig, navigate agility equipment and jumps, bark, turn clockwise or counter-clockwise, heel with attention off leash, shut doors / open doors, dry off beard on towel after drinking, open cabinet-retrieve object-shut cabinet, shut door and wipe feet, sit pretty (beg), walk backwards, ride a bicycle, ride a scooter and more.  Norman completes most commands at a distance.

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